So much of the impression of Nepal’s devastation was experienced overseas though the eyes of the media. Heartquake gives a voice to those who survived the quakes, to provide a different perspective on their impact on Nepal’s people.

These pages share their creations in different forms – stories, reflections, poems, and video montages. We have also included creations from people overseas who watched on in horror at the media coverage and who wanted to share their love and support for the people of Nepal.


Reflections – Part of the healing process for the children of Nepal was to to reflect on what they had experienced during the aftermath of the earthquakes. The collection of reflections was written immediately after the quake, one month later, three months later and one year on to give a sense of how the children grew and came to terms with their new world.

Poems – A collection of poems capturing the essense of the earthquakes through the eyes of Nepal’s children.

Quaking Artists – A group of emerging artists in Nepal contributed 2 days of their time combined with their artistic flair to produce 2 paintings each to be exhibited and auctioned in Australia to raise funds to support earthquake relief projects in Nepal

Mrigaja’s comic – Mrigaja is a Nepali artist and student who participated in our Quaking Artists program. She created a comic inspired by the earthquakes and has allowed us to include the first chapter here.

Photos – This collection of photos was taken by Bec and Mitrataa’s team as they worked with the earthquake survivors.

Voices – A collection of short videos sharing the stories of the survivors of the earthquakes.

Newcastle, Australia, Contributions – Newcastle, a coastal city in New South Wales, Australia, experienced a 5.6 Richter scale earthquake on 28 December 1989. It was one of Australia’s most serious natural disasters with 13 people killed and more than 160 injured. The people of Newcastle have been so supporrtive of Nepal’s earthquake survivors. This page includes some contributions by Newcastle schools in support of Nepal’s children.