Quaking Artists – Nepal’s emerging artists paint for a cause

A group of emerging artists in Nepal contributed 2 days of their time combined with their artistic flair to produce 2 paintings which were exhibited and auctioned at Gallery 139 in Newcastle Australia alongside Australian artists supporting fundraising efforts for Nepal in conjunction with Newcastle for Nepal.

In conjunction with the Radha Kant Mallick Memorial Foundation, the artists gathered at Sirjana College of Fine Arts in Kathmandu and were briefed by Bikash Rauniyar and Dipendra Bajracharya, both renowned photographers. Bikash and Dipendra shared some of their photographs of the earthquakes and explained the stories behind the photos. Having been inspired by the photographers, it was the artists’ opportunity to transfer their feelings and experiences of the quakes onto the canvas.

The artists were also fortunate to have the opportunity to share ideas and get feedback from Ratan Rai, a senior professor at Kathmandu University’s School of Fine Arts. The artists were so excited to have the opportunity to showcase their artworks overseas and to use their passion to support earthquake relief.

Rising Nepal - Quaking Artists

Meet the artists – Aprajita Basnet

Aprajita is in her final semester of her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Kathmandu University. Aprajita likes to make people think through her artworks, hiding the meaning within the paint.

aprajita-basnet-artist-with-painting-2 aprajita-basnet-artist-with-painting-1









Meet the artists – Mrigaja Bajracharya

Mrigaja is in her final semester of her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Kathmandu University. Mrigaja loves Japanese manga and animation as her inspiration.

mrigaja-bajracharya-artist-with-painting-2 mrigaja-bajracharya-artist-with-painting-1
















Meet the artists – Ruby Karna

Ruby is a young mother who is passionate about Mithila art. Mithila art is from the Terai region of Nepal.



Meet the artists – Pranisha Gurung

Pranisha is in her second year of her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Sirjana College of Fine Arts. She also loves music and visiting new places to meet interesting people.

pranisha-gurung-artist-with-painting-2 pranisha-gurung-artist-with-painting-1













Meet the artists – Kreetika Pradhan

Kreetika is in her second semester of her Bachelors of Fine Arts at Sirjana College of Fine Arts. Kreetika was inspired and encouraged by her mother to follow her passion for art and her dream is to support herself through her paintings.











Meet the artists – Rebina Shahi

Rebina was born with a pencil in her hand! She has been sketching since she was tiny and art is in her blood. She is currently in class 7 at Riviera International School, Mitrataa’s model school.















Preparing for the exhibition in Newscastle

Quaking Artists - ready for exhibition (August 2015)

Quaking Artists - hanging paintings for exhibition (August 2015)