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Day of the quake reflection – Ranju Chaulagain

The earthquake occurred on 12 Baishakh 2072, first time with big shake. I was sitting on the terrace on that day. All of a sudden the house started shaking, I felt very scared because I had never experienced such a huge quake. I had no idea what to do, so I just stood up there on the stair. As soon as the shaking stopped I ran down the stairs. The day was very scary but my family members from Mitrataa were with me, so I did not have worry. Now also the quake keeps on occurring. I feel scared till now but I feel secured because I have got Mitrataa family with me.   About Ranju Ranju is passionate about movies. Her dream is to be a waitress.

Day of the quake reflection – Sumina Gurung

It was Saturday, at 11:56am, 25th April 2015. That time all of my family was sitting in the room and talking to each other. Because, on Saturday all our family members had free time, so we were together. But suddenly the room was shaking and all the tables fell down. My mum advised us to slowly go to the ground and sit there. But that time my little brother was sleeping so I was so afraid. After a few seconds I brought him to the ground with me. That time all our neighbours came to our ground. They all were very nervous and their faces were looking very afraid as well as sad.

Day of the quake reflection – Sarita Gurung

The earthquake occurred on 25th April 2015 in the afternoon. It was a Saturday. I was in Wilson Academy School with Bec, Nimu, Bandana, Saraswoti, Patrick sir, kids and the parents of our new kids. We were having a meeting with the parents of 14 new kids of our Mitrataa Foundation in Wilson school. In the meeting we were discussing the responsibilities of the children, parents, school and Mitrataa Foundation.

Day of the quake reflection – Sushil Chaudary

Before the earthquake came I was in Riviera hostel. I was on the second floor of the building. I was talking with my friends. There were six of us in that room. Then at 11:56am on Saturday the earthquake came. Our two friends went down and one of our friends was bathing. My other friends and I hid under the bed.

Day of the quake reflection – Sarika Bohara

It was on 25th April. I was preparing for my board exam. I was tired and thought that I would get some rest and do study after resting. I was just lying on the bed and after 5 minutes Ramraj came and called me to clean the water tank. I just ignored him and didn’t listen to him. After some time the bed was shaking so badly. I thought that Ramraj was doing it. I woke up and went straight to the door. I tried to open the door, but the door pushed me back. Then I thought it was an earthquake.

Day of the quake reflection – Sharmila Thapa

On Saturday the 25th of April I was sitting on my bed and watching TV. On that day suddenly an earthquake shook Nepal. It was about 11:56. At that time all my cousin sisters and I gathered together and we sat below the door. I was afraid and I started to cry because I missed my brother, and Mitrataa family. After the earthquake finished shaking, we went into an open place.

Day of the quake reflection – Sujata Danuwar

When the earthquake happened I was in my room with my friend. We were reading. My friend said to me, “why are you moving?” I said to her “I am not moving an earthquake is coming.” We were so scared. My friend said to me “let’s go outside.” My friend ran and went outside and I told her to wait for me. But she did not listen to me.

Day of the quake reflection – Alisha Thapa Magar

It was Saturday 11:56am, 25th April 2015. That time we hostel kids were all watching a movie in the TV room. Suddenly the light went out. We all woke up from the place we were sitting. We planned to play basketball. But suddenly an earthquake came and all my friends ran except me and one small brother and sister were left in the TV room. I took both of them and ran outside towards the basketball ground. We all went to the basketball ground. When the earthquake stopped, we went to the football ground.

Day of the quake reflection – Anita Budhatoki

Before the earthquake I was in Jalpa sister’s room combing my hair and talking to Jalpa sister. Ramraj was calling us to clean the tank but we said we would come after some minutes. Then Jalpa sister closed the door to change her dress to go to KVS school to pick Alisha up. As soon as Jalpa sister changed her dress, we felt the shaking of the house. I tried to look in the mirror but the mirror was also shaking.

Day of the quake reflection – Bandana Sen

It was 25th April 2015. Bec Ordish, the founder of Mitrataa Foundation, asked me to help her to run a workshop. I wanted to go, so I said “I will go with you”. The workshop was in Wilson Academy, Bafal Kathmandu, where my small brother studies. The workshop started at 11:30 am. Bec told to be there by 11, but we reached there at 11:30 so we were late but the workshop had not started. We could see that all the parents were there already. We started to run the workshop.

Day of the quake reflection – Bhupal Danuwar

When the earthquake happened I was in the Riviera hostel with my friends Sanim Subham, Mausam. Unknowingly, the hostel moved. We said to everyone “something is moving!” but no-one believed me. Finally I found that it was an earthquake. We were so scared.

Day of the quake reflection – Nirmala Shahi

Before the earthquake, I was reading for my exam and after reading I felt sleepy, so Sarika and I were sleeping in the downstairs room. Ramraj bro was calling us to clean the tank and after sleeping I felt that something was happening and suddenly I woke up. I thought that Ramraj bro was shaking us to make us awake but it was an earthquake. Sarika sis tried to open the door but she couldn’t. Instead, she fell behind and she cried.

Day of the quake reflection – Ramraj Bohara

When the earthquake occurred on 25th April 2015, in the morning of that day I was trying to clean up the tank and was shouting to the other girls to help me to clean the tank. Nobody came to help me so I also left to clean the tank. After that I was playing with our dog named “Punti”. When I was playing with Punti the ground frequently started to move here and there. I was scared a little bit and Punti also began to bark. I thought it was an earthquake. Then we both ran out of the main gate. All the girls were crying and shouting in their rooms.

Day of the quake reflection – Rebina Shahi

When the earthquake came I was in the hostel of Riviera International Academy. The day was Saturday. Luckily my sisters and friends had already taken a bath and in my turn I was washing my hair with shampoo. One of my friends told me that earthquake was coming. I thought why she is mocking with me but suddenly I felt the mirror moving like a swing, the geyser gas was making a bizarre sound.

Day of the quake reflection – Sabitri Pathak

The weather was cloudy from the morning so I was expecting heavy rain in the afternoon. I never liked the rain, so somehow the weather had influenced my mood. I was in the café far from our house with brother. We were meeting after a long time, so we were chatting. I was playing with my phone so I didn’t notice at first. Brother paused and alarmed me that the ground was shaking. Then I felt it too. Slowly we walked down to the door frame. I could still feel that the ground was shaking like the ‘Columbus’ that we used to play at Fun Park.

Day of the quake reflection – Sabitri Thapa

The weather was cold. Schools were closed. The children’s were playing including my own brother, Gautam. I was sitting on our shop with my father. My mother was washing utensils. I felt something shaking so did my father. Because of the cold weather my father thought I was shaking and he asked me to wear warm clothes. I had no idea what was happening until my mother told me it was an earthquake. The ground was shaking dangerously and we promptly ran out of the house and sat in the open space with hundreds of people. I couldn’t think nor could I breathe properly. I was full of emptiness. The scene was so frightening and scary. People were crying, running here and there to save themselves from dying. Some of them were shocked because of the sudden shaking or maybe it was the first experience for them too. One old woman passed by who was hit by the ladder of stupa on her head. The scene made us emotional.

Day of the quake reflection – Saraswoti Thapaliya

It was Saturday in the morning at 11:55 am and all the schools as well as colleges were closed. I was in a meeting with the scholarship children of Mitrataa Foundation with Bec and other staff. We were talking about different topics like relationships between schools and students, students and parents and duties of students. When we started to talk we felt that something is moving because the ground was shaking we didn’t know it was an earthquake. Patrick Wilson the principal of the school told us earthquake came. When we heard the word earthquake, all of us panicked and started to run outside into the garden.