» After 9 months

9 month reflection – Nirmala Shahi

It has been a long time. We are still suffering from small after shock. By observing the daily life and the busyness life of people I forget that we had one big earthquake. Suddenly, damages of the houses, historical places and small aftershocks remind me of the earthquake. After a long time we Nepalese had a constitution and India welcomes new constitution with blockade. This is not a first that India has done to Nepal, it’s been three times.

9 month reflection – Ramraj Bohara

It’s been a 9 months since the earthquake has occurred. I am not feeling scared but some people are frightened of quake. In my view earthquake make the life of people difficult to live.

9 month reflection – Sabitri Thapa

I was deeply asleep, building a castle in my dreams. I was on the ground floor of my nearly built castle enjoying the scenes above. Suddenly, the ground around me started shaking. My castle looked like a giant pendulum watch moving side by side. I heard the prayers of people before my life worth castle fell down.

9 month reflection – Sarita Gurung

The first huge trauma occurred on 25th April 2015 (12th Baishakh 2072), which was very scary. The trauma took away many lives and properties. Still people have walked further to live a life those who survived, among them I am also one. The lives of people weren’t as easy as we imagine after the disaster. The year 2072 B.S has become bad as well as good for the Nepalese. After the heavy loss from the trauma people were trying to go further but as the deadline for the new constitution was going to finish the constitution was written, which was good for our nation. All the friendly and neighbor countries praised our country for our new constitution. Similarly, the Indian government also congratulated Nepalese government but the people of Terai region of Nepal were not satisfied with the constitution. Hence, started striking and later on the Indian government also did the economy blockade because of which we Nepalese, especially people from the middle class and below the middle class, have been facing the crisis such as food crisis, fuel and gas crisis. Due to these crisis people are also losing their jobs, which is increasing the number of poverty. After the trauma not only bad but also good things have taken places such as: if the trauma had not occurred we kids of Mitrataa wouldn’t get the opportunities to be heroes in our own districts and villages. Due to various aids provided by Mitrataa in many places people were relieved and also they were taught to follow different tips while the trauma occurred. It has already been more than 9 months but the traumas have still been occurring. My family has also finished the 9 month rituals of my little brother who was killed during the trauma. Looking at my family members it makes me feel that those people who survived have started to go further to live a good life as they lived before the trauma. The past was fearful as well as painful; still the people have gone back to their normal lives. I feel proud and happy to see them trying their best to live a happy life, even after facing the trauma like the hurricane. I also feel happy because I could go for the earthquake relief in my VDC because of Mitrataa. There are still going to be problems but also those problems have solutions. There aren’t problems without solutions. Hence, facing and solving those problems we should learn to lead a good and a happy life. Problems and solutions are like circles which are never ending. Therefore, I am grateful with God because I survived, though a huge trauma occurred, because he wants me to do something good. I am also thankful to Bec and Mitrataa for always being there for me to support and encourage me. About Sarita Sarita has completed class 12 in travel and tourism and currently works in a Montessori kindergarten in Kathmandu.

9 month reflection – Sharmila Thapa

It’s been nine months that we are still facing the aftershocks of the earthquake. After this many people were living their life normally. After a long time we had a constitution and after the constitution, India block for the fuel, food. It was not the first time that India did this to our country.

9 month reflection – Sabitri Thapa

25th April was the biggest nightmare for the Nepalese people, a nightmare that shakes the heart every now and then. It’s kind of making people weaker and weaker day by day. Sometimes, I try to look back to life before the earthquake and then I smile and think, ‘What a beautiful day it used to be with the warmth of the sun and the calmness of fresh air’. But then I wake up from that sweet dream and again I start to taste the bitterness of life that we are facing now.

9 month reflection – Alisha Thapa Magar

It has been 9 months but I still feel scared because still small shocks are coming. After the earthquake our country made a new constitution. We all Nepalese celebrated some festivals like Dashain and Tihar. But not everyone was happy. Those who badly suffered from the earthquake suffered more. It was a really hard time for them to celebrate festivals when they had lost their house, property and family members too.

9 month reflection – Sabitri Pathak

It’s been more than 9 months after the devastating earthquake in Nepal. After the earthquake, people cannot help themselves. So people are still waiting for others hand or support to help them. It’s been 9 month but still people are in a similar condition because they know someone can help them to get through it. After this people of Kathmandu started their life as normal. In spite of this villagers cannot get through so they are waiting for helpers to help them.

9 month reflection – Ashwini Shivakoti

On 25th April when the earthquake came everyone was on ground, they were afraid to stay in home and do regular duty. We all were afraid of height and tall buildings. We all now have changed our mind and do our regular work. We are not much afraid of height and tall buildings. We all have started to live our normal life. We all forget about earthquake and started to build houses to live in.

9 month reflection – Bandana Sen

It was on 25th April 2015 Saturday. Many houses and life of the people were lost. Many Nepalese were badly affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Almost 50 thousand houses were destroyed and many people were killed. I still remember that day; it was like a nightmare for me. Our valuable historical places were destroyed as well as many children lost their life. People didn’t have places to live and they were hopeless. The Earthquake on 25th April 2015 made Nepalese cry and suffer more.

9 month reflection – Dikshya Lama

Just nine months ago, the earthquake changed every Nepali’s daily life. Now, it has been more than nine months but we are still having minor tremors. I have learnt so many effective lessons within this year. I can still hear the scared part of me from that black day. But, all we did was move ahead. We didn’t lose our hope.

9 month reflection – Jalpa Adhikari

It’s been nine and half months since the biggest earthquake hit Nepal. Still there is some kind of fear of another big earthquake in people. People inside the city felt another tremor at 1 AM in the morning last week. This reminded them of the biggest earthquake nine months ago and made them alert that the tremor is still on.

9 month reflection – Kalbahadur Khadka

It has been 9 months; I can still feel shocks and small trauma of earthquake. Our country was trapped by a massive earthquake which took place on April 2015. The results of the massive earthquake, many Nepali were killed and many building were damaged. People face the scarcity of foods, shelters and other things. I found that poverty rate was increasing in speedy ways. Happiness was arrived in our country.

9 month reflection – Keshav Karki

9 months after a terrible earthquake struck in our country, I can still feel the shake of earthquake up to a month ago. On the day of Baishakh 29 (12th May), more numbers of innocent people were killed and all the houses, temples were also destroyed in this certain period of time. From that day we people started to stay away from home, to safe place or ground. People started lose their hope and belief.