Wiley and the Mitrataa Foundation share a common belief; that lives can be changed and every individual’s fullest potential achieved, through transformative education. This belief remains at the heart of our enduring relationship, which began in 2009. Over the years we collaborated with the Foundation on various efforts to empower the people of Nepal.

These included the sponsorship of workshops and funding higher education scholarships for girls. When the deadly earthquake of April 2015 struck Nepal, there was an outpouring of messages and donations from colleagues around the world. Wiley matched colleague donations to ensure that Mitrataa had sufficient resources to aid those who needed it the most in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. With that, our partnership with Mitrataa marked a new milestone as our support extended beyond educational programs to sustainable development plans for the communities with which Mitrataa engages.

We took this support a step further with a team of Wiley colleagues volunteering their time and talent to design and develop Heartquake, the very website you are currently on. We are proud to be a part of this incredible commemoration, celebrating the passion and creativity of the Mitrataa children and providing them with a platform to share their thoughts and dreams with the world.