Mitrataa Foundation

Mitrataa Foundation’s vision is to do ourselves out of a job in Nepal by creating a network of inspired people, who are trained and engaged to continue with the sustainable projects we create. So when the devastating earthquakes struck, our networks sprung into action to create a tapestry of love and support for those affected.

A part of the healing process was to engage in creative arts to come to terms with the losses and fear being faced. When Libby suggested that theseĀ  reflections, poems and artworks be shared as an alternative perspective to the stark media coverage of the quakes, as stories of hope, we were excited by the idea. The results of many of these sessions are included in the Heartquake site.

We were so proud of our students for their passion, courage and energy in ensuring that as many people as possible received the care and support they needed to heal from the devastation they were facing. You can read more of their experiences here andĀ on the Mitrataa Facebook page. Out of rubble came opportunities to grow and learn. The leadership shown by the Mitrataa family inspired us – they are the true superheroes. Nepal’s future will be safe in their hands. But of course we couldn’t have done any of it without the generous support of the global Mitrataa family. With all our hearts, thank you for giving us the privilege of delivering your love to the Nepali people.