» After 1 month

1 month reflection – Dikshya Lama

It has almost been more than 30 days but we are still having minor aftershocks. This devastating earthquake has affected the life of almost all the Nepalese people. There is still fear and sadness but people are trying to move on because it’s the only thing they can do.

1 month reflection – Sabitri Thapa

It has almost been one month after the great hit on 25th April, the day that will always pinch us like a thorn when we remember. People are still scared and life has been tougher than enough but they have learnt that instead of grieving over the past, one should stay alert and focus on rebuilding their life and the devastated nation.

1 month reflection – Saraswoti Thapaliya

It has been more than one month after the huge hit on 25th April, which was the day of 1st earthquake which people can’t forget about because it was like a horror dream. Still many people are scared and we heard a lot of news that most of people are becoming sick because of it. Of course it’s been hard for all of us to handle it, but it’s not our fault; it’s come naturally; we could not stop it and we need to accept it anyhow. So many people are doing best to get back to normal and rebuilding their lives as well as the devastated nation. Life has been changed not only for me but for all the people of Nepal. Everything is getting better now, except for those who lost their parents as well as their house. It might take a few more months to recover but we are strong and we can do it. More than 70% of people’s lives have begun to go back to normal. I will count myself as one of the luckiest people because I have a supportive family who cares for me and supports me when I am scared and is ready to give me a hug when I need it. But when I start to think of other people who lost their houses as well as lives, I feel sorry and it make me sad, but I should accept it.

1 month reflection – Sarika Bohara

The earthquake came 1 month ago. Because of the shaking that took place on 25th April, many houses and historical places were damaged. Many children lost their families and more than 8 thousand people died. I feel lucky that I survived from the 7.9 Ritcher magnitude of shaking. Due to the shaking, people had to settle outside the house and live in tents. It was even hard to get food items. We, the Mitrataa family, were the lucky ones to get all the necessary items even during such a critical moment. We were safe inside our own house and there were no difficulties except the water problem.

1 month reflection – Sarita Gurung

It’s already been more than a month since the earthquake occurred in Nepal. Although it’s already been a month, the earthquake occurrence can still be felt, but not huge ones. Most of the people who went to their villages from Kathmandu Valley after the 1st day earthquake have come back to Kathmandu. Fearfully but slowly, people have started to live their lives like it was before the earthquake.

1 month reflection – Alisha Thapa Magar

After one of the earthquakes I feel safe. I went to the Lumbini school, Chahabil, and Chuchhepati. We went there to study. I have to continue my studies and my dream. Bec sent four teachers to teach us and to do workshops. Now our everyday life has become normal. Nowadays so many schools have started. Now my school is also going to open.

1 month reflection – Bandana Sen

It has been almost one month after the earthquake. I feel we are safe and strong people. We are the luckiest people because we all are still alive. Many people have lost their houses and lives. We helped many earthquake victims that made us feel happy and proud. Nowadays very few people are scared; many people go to work and they are back to their normal lives.

1 month reflection – Bhupal Danuwar

When the earthquake happened I was in the Riviera hostel with my friends Sanim Subham, Mausam. Unknowingly, the hostel moved. We said to everyone “something is moving!” but no-one believed me. Finally I found that it was an earthquake. We were so scared. I have never been so scared like that before. Some of my friends told me “you are such a coward boy that I have never seen”. After some time it stopped and my friends and I slowly came down. We sat near the playground where the earthquake didn’t affect us. We started to talk to each other. At night we had dinner in the playground and we slept a scary sleep. About Bhupal Bhupal is a class 10 student at Motherland Academy.

1 month reflection – Kalbahadur Khadka

In this era, all Nepali were living in a normal life. After 82 years, we again got terrible shocks in our country, on 12th Baishak 2072 in the middle of the day. It was one of the biggest earthquakes. It killed many people, destroyed huge houses, and damaged the property of Nepalese. Many people lost their properties and family. The number of children becoming completely orphaned and disabled also increased. The city was full of sorrow and full of dead bodies. According to the data, the poverty line increased in our country.

1 month reflection – Gokul Sadaula

It has been more than a month but small shocks still take place. Everyone was terrified and frightened. The earthquake acted as a devil to whole Nepali people as it made all of our surroundings misplaced. Big buildings and roads were damaged. People were found screaming and running here and there. Everyone had lost their hopes. No one was able to have good food and good sleep as the houses were damaged by earthquake. Our surroundings smelled very bad and was noisy. People were talking about the earthquake and its hampering on them. No one was able to have good life. I too was afraid and terrified as I saw many people running to an open place.

1 month reflection – Kanchan Rai

It has been one month and 3 days since the earthquake came. On Saturday at 11:56 am when the earthquake came I was in Swayambhu Peak with my sister. That time I was very scared. But after one month I thought that the earthquake will not come. But the small earthquakes are coming till now. But now the surrounding area is safe. All the people are making and repairing their houses again.

1 month reflection – Keshav Karki

On the day of 12th Baisakh, the 2072 earthquake occurred. On this day a great shock of an earthquake destroyed all the peace and hopes of Nepalese people. When this shock happened, I was outside the valley searching for my family and relatives. A small earthquake shock has also occurred in our district and we had to find places to stay. All the people were shouting and running here and there to be safe. After having such fears of the earthquake, we took out our mobile to listen to the news. After listening to the news, we found out the number of people that were were dead due to the broken houses, roads and monuments. Luckily our district was safe from the earthquake. We spent our whole day and night outside the house waiting for other terrible shocks. After some days following the earthquakes, I again started to search for relatives of mine and I finally got them. I was happy because they were safe. Now I’m living in the same earthquake affected valley and have been given an opportunity to live in Mitrataa Foundation hostel. I want to give a great thanks to Bec who gave me a safe place to stay and study. Staying in this hostel, my fear has just settled down. I will pray to the victims for their long life.   About Keshav Keshav is a class 12 student studying hotel management.

1 month reflection – Nirmala Shahi

After one month I am feeling a bit safe, living normal life and encouraging other people to continue their lives. I went to Nuwakot and there we went to one school called ‘Bhamara lower secondary school of Gorkshan village’. We went there to make the students feel safe and have courage that they have to continue their lifestyle normally like before and work hard to achieve their dreams and goals.

1 month reflection – Ramraj Bohara

Nowadays I don’t feel scared because the earthquakes only come in small Richter. I feel sad when I hear the news of people dying and damaged and destroyed houses. Our country, Nepal has again become under-developed. All the historical places are damaged and destroyed. It has been one month and all the people and I were worried when the first big earthquake came but we are staying inside the house.

1 month reflection – Rebina Shahi

One month after the earthquake, we are at the hostel of Mitrataa. At this time I feel safe and lucky to be the part of Mitrataa Foundation because many people have lost their lives and some people are not able to get support and love which I am getting. Some people were scaring other people by saying that there would be another big earthquake like before, but I’m not scared more than before because at first I was at the hostel of Riviera school and scared of the earthquake but then I was brought to Mitrataa and feel like there is still Mitrataa Foundation to protect me.

1 month reflection – Sabitri Pathak

It’s been more than a month but we’re still having minimum of 4 aftershocks a day. Everything has changed, as in our lives are different from how it was before one month. I still wish I could wake up and say “that was a long and horrible dream” and move back to normal life. I know even a magician cannot fulfill this wish.